CCTV Surveillance Systems


Hikvision now has more than 42,000 employees, over 20,000 of which are R&D engineers, has sales of $9.2 billion per annum and invests over 10% of its annual sales revenue in R&D. It is by far the leading player in CCTV technology with an enormous range of product and a reputation for innovative and resillient surveillance solutions.

hikvision cctv from Icore Security


Hikvision has a wide range of recording devices to suit virtually every surveillance need including Turbo-HD, IP and specialist recording devices, supporting between 4 and 64 channels.

Specialist CCTV Devices

Hikvision’s range of specialist CCTV equipment includes mobile NVRs for public transport with advanced intelligence features such as:

  • 1-ch driver behaviour analysis: using mobile phone, smoking, fatigue driving, and not looking straight ahead.
  • Built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) module precisely positioning the vehicle via the satellite and recording the location information in the video stream.
  • Information collection interfaces collecting driving information such as left/right turning, braking, reversing, etc.
  • 2-ch LPR or 1-ch face recognition (work separately).
  • Two pluggable 2.5-inch HDDs/SSDs, adopting hard disk vibration damping technology.
  • Pluggable 3G/4G module and Wi-Fi module providing flexible data transmission solutions.